Synaptic Computation


BECAUSE team wins poster prize at Dutch Neuroscience Meeting

Ricarda Weiland and Maaike van Boven received a prize for best poster at the Dutch Neuroscience Meeting 2019. In their winning poster they presented their first results in the BECAUSE project, in which they investigate mechanisms involved in sensory sensitivity in people with autism.

Dutch National Research Agenda (NWA) grant for CNCR teams

Together with clinicians and researchers from Utrecht, Nijmegen and Twente, CNCR researchers Verhage, Cornelisse, Meijer (FGA) and Linkenkaer-Hansen (INF) received a €1,8M grant to improve personalized medicine for children with autism.

SYNGO 1.0 is live! First paper published June 5th

The SYNGO Consortium, coordinated by CNCR scientists Frank Koopmans, Guus Smit and Matthijs Verhage, release the first deep annotation of synaptic genes and publish 1st paper in Neuron