Molecular Mechanisms of Exocytosis


New insight in calcium-induced membrane fusion

A new study published on 18 September 2015 in Nature Communications provides new insight in the mechanism of cellular secretion. The results emerge from a collaborative study by the groups of Sander Groffen (Molecular mechanisms of secretion) and Gijs Wuite (Physics of Living Systems).

Sander Groffen receives NWO-middelgroot grant

NWO has granted funding for the purchase of research equipment and the development of data collections. The total investment amounts to 6.5 million euros. 15 grant applications were honored.

Autism-related syndrome discovered

CNCR and NCA researchers discover a new autism-related syndrome by combining clinical and fundamental research.

New insight in spontaneous neurotransmitter release

The CNCR team of Sander Groffen and Matthijs Verhage discovered that the Doc2b gene is a Ca2+-sensor responsible for triggering spontaneous release events. Their findings are published as a full length article in the accelerated online version of Science on Febr 11th, 2010.