Sander Groffen receives NWO-middelgroot grant

March 19, 2013


NWO has granted funding for the purchase of research equipment and the development of data collections. The total investment amounts to 6.5 million euros. 15 grant applications were honored.

VU scientists Sander Groffen and Hubert Vonhof both received a NWO-middelgroot grant.

With the grant, neuroscientist Sander Groffen will develop a new method to examine brain diseases such as mental retardation, autism and depression. The method will make it possible to mesure the consequences of gene mutations for signal transmission between brain cells.

Geochemist Hubert Vonhof will use the grant to build a tool that allows to crack microscopic amounts of water and carbon dioxide from rocks. From the water and carbon dioxide, the isotopic composition will be measured. These analyzes are significant for climate research and for the study of fluid flow in underground oil reservoirs.